MOMA: the malleability of vision

We also had the chance to visit the retrospective exhibition for Sigmar Polke, again a show that will be coming to the Tate Modern very soon!

Sigmar Polke is known for his experimental work with different mediums including drawing painting collage photography film stained glass television and exploring how these can be used in his art. The exhibition layout was exciting and through numerous examples of his pieces showed the layering of processes in his works.

DSC_0232 DSC_0233

3590164515_b60483422f a_560x375 dsc_95321 imgsigmar-polke5 MoMA-New-York-Alibis-Sigmar-Polke-1963-2010-2 MoMA-New-York-Alibis-Sigmar-Polke-1963-2010-3 NY-CY657_NYPOLK_G_20140418170851


About isminisamanidou

I am a textile designer and artist working with weaving. I was born in Athens and have been living and working in the UK.

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