A quiet line: Lenore Tawney

I have been an admirer of the work of artist and weaver Lenore Tawney for a while and being in New York was an opportunity to meet with Kathleen Magant, the director for the Lenore Tawney Foundation and have a chance to see and discuss her works.

Lenore studied at the Chicago Institute of Design with Moholy Nagy before learning how to weave at Penland School of Craft in 1954. She moved to New York in the late 50s and became associated with artists such as Ellsworth Kelly and Agnes Martin. She lived and worked as an artist in New York until her death at 100 years of age. Her last studio and home was an expansive loft which she had populated with her art pieces and collections.

Lenore’s work is poetic, influenced by her spiritual pursuits. Her weavings are sculptural with the threads drawing forms in the space. Lenore traveled extensively and throughout her life worked on collage postcards which she sent to her friends from around the world. She worked with found materials on small sculptural assemblies and collections that have a surrealist quality. Her detailed line drawings, inspired by jacquard harnesses, are particularly beautiful. Lenore also worked on installation pieces and commissions, most notably her cloud series of vertical threads. I was touched by this very sensitive and imaginary artist and left the Foundation hugely inspired!

A big thank you to Kathleen for her generous spirit and for taking the time to show us Lenore’s work and to give us a glimpse into her world.

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I am a textile designer and artist working with weaving. I was born in Athens and have been living and working in the UK.

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